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Vendor Management

Most organization rely on vendors to provide the goods and services that allow you to successfully run your business, and usually, the larger the company, the more vendor outsourcing takes place.

To get the most out of your vendors, and to manage them properly, you need to take a strategic approach to build and maintaining relationships with your best vendors.

You could be working with dozens, or even hundreds of different vendors, all with different contract terms, pay rates, and points of contact that must be efficiently managed. And that’s where a good management programme comes in.

Raw Material Service Provider
Technological Support
Operational & Administrational Facilitators

The term vendor management describing is a discipline that enables organizations to control costs, drive service excellence and mitigate risks to gain increased value from their vendors throughout the deal life cycle.

Effective vendor management requires a lot of skills, resources, and time. It’s about streamlining the process for heightened efficiencies and managing vendor relationship to ensure that the agreements are made mutually beneficial for both parties.

With effective vendor management processes in place, you can properly establish service, quality, cost, and satisfaction goals, choose and manage third-party suppliers that help you to achieve those business goals.


We offer various vendor management services.

Share Information And Priorities

The key to succeeding in vendor management is to share information and priorities with your vendors. That does not mean that you throw open the accounting books and give them user IDs and password to your systems. We LV LOGIX will provide you proper vendor management practices only the necessary information at the right time to allow a vendor to serve your needs better. It may include limited forecast information, new product lunches, and expansion and relocation changes.

Balance Commitment And Competition

one of our goals of vendor management is to gain the commitment of vendors to assist and support the operation of their business. On the other hand, the vendors are expecting a certain level of commitment from us. It does not mean that you should blindly accept the prices they provide. Always get competitive bids.

Allowing Key Vendors To Help Strategize

we invite a strategic meeting that involves the product they work with so that we can make our service better and in a more strategic way, as they are experts in that area.

Negotiate To A Win-Win Agreement

good vendor management dictates that negotiations are completed in good faith. We look for negotiation points that can help both sides accomplish their goals. We provide a platform strong-arm negotiation tactic will be possible and it only works for so long before one party walks away from the deal.

Come Together On Value

vendor management is more than getting the lowest price. Most often the lowest price also brings the lowest quality. We focus quality for the money that is paid. in other words: We LV Logix take responsibility of providing you better quality for the best available value.